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Located in the riparian town of San Adrian, an extraordinary place where the rivers Ebro and Ega join theirs flows, Conservas Ebrón became its path in 1954. Founded by Mr. Julio Sanchez, originated from a canning family, this initiative is an example of family business, where sacrifice and determination have taken precedence as essential ingredients in all the products. As a result, over sixty years later, Conservas Ebrón goes on manufacturing vegetable products in a handmade way.

San Adrián is regarded as a model place in the riverbank of Navarra, famed by the variety of their vegetables and the quality of their products. In this way, thanks to its exceptional location, Conservas Ebrón provides fresh and first class products to the market, attributes which are guaranteed by the prestigious gastronomy of the region.

After three generations, Mr. Julio’s descendants are decided to continue his legacy with the desire of keeping alive a tradition which constitutes a distinguishing feature in our family.

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Mission, View, Values

Since 1954 our products have been worked with admiration, passion and respecting the field and who work it, giving absolute priority to the farmers of our area.

Conservas Ebrón is a family company with a loyal staff combining the freshness of the youth and the wisdom of the experience.

In order to widen the agreement with our more important supplier, the land, we have decided to start with the manufacturing of organic products, having obtained the certificate of Elaborador Ecológico Homologado (Ecological Homologated Maker) last year.

Being specialised in canned vegetables, our main reference is the artichoke, which is significant due to its natural flavour.

In addition, we are experts in tomato production in all its varieties.


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